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About Us


Our ambition has been since day one to build an ever-growing platform that connects friends and family members. We didn't want to sell extinguishable products; we chose to deliver love through art. No dear memories are forgotten, and that’s why we created this brand - to commemorate life, together. So, What-A-Doodle was born.


We strongly believe important milestones, heartwarming memories, and our loved ones should all be cherished and celebrated. Every journey has a story to tell and here we do it through art. Together, we customize clothing and posters so you can express what you are passionate about in a joyful and sustainable way.

In this process, we take the commitment of reducing our environmental impact very seriously by reducing waste and pollution. That's our mission!


Plenty of examples of line art from What-A-Doodle printed on the ground. There are drawing s of a woman holding her dog, a couple holding each other, a big family together, a man kissing his pregnant wife, and a happy dog.

CO2 offsetting work

If our customers select the "standard shipping rate with CO2 offsetting" method, shipping fees will be used to fund projects around the world that reduce carbon emissions.

  • Reforestation Projects

  • Renewable energy production

  • Community Projects

empower communities

Woman holding her custom printed poster with line art of her wedding day.

Certified Production

Our posters are made of responsibly sourced wood fiber, as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), without use of optical brightner additivies (OBA-free).

  • Perfect for fine art

  • Prevents Yellowing

  • Durable Material

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